Welcome to Team Iono

Running game servers designed for our users, connecting streamers and their communities together and providing a home for competitive teams in smaller, novel games. Everything we do with Team Iono is designed to build a strong, friendly and enriched community where every person can find resources and support to do what they love. Our core mission is to solve two problems: The lack of small, intimate gaming communities and the struggle for small streamers to find their audience.

Many players end up on huge corporate servers with heaps of ranks and paid extras, with little opportunity to interact with new people in a meaningful way. Similarly, many streamers end up in large communities of other streamers, each of which is looking for viewers as opposed to friends. We realised that if small, friendly communities exist, smaller streamers can join these as they are an easy place to make friends and work together with them to grow their brands. If smaller streamers grow, new members of their audiences will help maintain these smaller gaming communities. It makes sense for everyone.



Iono Discord Server